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College Savings Plan - Don’t Let the Numbers Scare You Off

529 College Savings Plan

Putting together a college savings plan can be daunting. The rapidly rising cost of higher education can be intimidating, but don’t let the numbers scare you off. According to the College Board, the average per year cost of a private four-year college is $39,400 compared to $10,950 for a state school. If college expenses continue […]

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Tax Diversification

How To Reduce Taxes In Retirement

We hear a lot about the need for diversification when talking about our investments. You know the expression “don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” In the investment world this most often refers to the idea that you shouldn’t put all of your investment in one stock. But what about taxes when planning for […]

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Mutual Fund Share Classes - How They Work

Mutual Fund Share Classes – How They Work

Mutual fund share classes can often be confusing for investors looking to save for retirement. Understanding how they work is key to making smart investing decisions. If you’re socking money away in a retirement account, the odds are you’re investing in mutual funds. Mutual funds allow investors to pool their money together and receive professional […]

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astute advisor

Welcome to The Astute Advisor Blog

Welcome to my personal blog, The Astute Advisor. Having worked in financial services since 1998 and practicing as a Certified Financial Planner™ since 2003, I have consulted with and advised a wide array of individuals and businesses. I have always enjoyed the face to face nature of working with clients. However, there is a broader […]

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