David’s Personal Finance Roundup – September 2016

David's Personal Finance Roundup - September 2016

David’s Personal Finance Roundup – September 2016

When I launched The Astute Advisor personal finance site, I was excited to reach a much broader audience. But I’ve always believed that the blog shouldn’t be my voice alone. I’m convinced my readers will benefit by hearing from other financial professionals too. Here are some articles that are worth a read.


Teachers: Who is Managing Your 403(b)?

Long ago, annuities were the only investment option in a 403(b). Fortunately, a lot has changed. Despite the availability of better investment options, many teachers still invest in higher cost annuities. However, it’s not because they are the best option. Instead, it’s because they aren’t aware of alternatives that may be a better fit and less expensive. Brad Sherman is the President of Sherman Wealth Management, a full-service, boutique wealth management firm. In this article, Brad breaks down the difference between working with an independent fiduciary advisor versus a commission based salesperson. Understanding the difference can help you avoid high cost products and the many strings that are attached.

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5 Ways to Repair Damaged Credit

Credit is a critical part of our financial lives affecting our ability to buy a home and even land a job. Prudently managing your finances requires careful use of credit. What is manageable for one may not be for another. But, mistakes do happen. Sophia Bera is a Certified Financial Planner™ with Gen Y PlanningIn this article, Sophia identifies some actionable tips to fix these mistakes and repair your damaged credit.

My Favorite Books on Personal Finance

Do You Need a Financial Advisor? 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

Not everyone needs a financial advisor. However, our financial situations change and tend to become more complicated over time. It’s also possible that some people who don’t think they need an advisor, actual do and vice versa. Kriss Poll is Chief Operations Officer with DNA Behavior International. In this article, Kriss provides five questions that will help you decide if you need a financial advisor.

Small Business Owners Need A Retirement Plan

Small business owners often neglect their own retirement savings needs. One reason might be explained by the proverb “the cobbler’s children have no shoes.” There is so much focus on the business at hand that other important needs fall by the wayside. Whatever the reason, small business owners need a retirement plan. Kevin Fix is a Certified Public Accountant and Managing Principal with Newhaven Capital Advisors. In this article, Kevin explains retirement plan options for small business owners and how to get started.

I hope you enjoy the reading! While you’re on these sites, be sure and check out their other articles.

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