David’s Personal Finance Roundup – June 2016

David's Personal Finance Roundup - June 2016

David’s Personal Finance Roundup – June 2016

When I launched The Astute Advisor personal finance site, I was excited to reach a much broader audience. But I’ve always believed that the blog shouldn’t be my voice alone. I’m convinced my readers will benefit by hearing from other financial professionals too. Here are some articles that are worth a read.


Review Your 401(k) Account

Your 401(k) account craves attention but in just the right amounts. Neglect your account and you put your investments at risk. Stare at it daily and you might be tempted to jump on the next investment idea from the guy on TV. It can be a fine line between attention and neglect. Roger Wohlner, a fee-only financial planner provides some actionable tips on what to consider when reviewing your 401(k). Roger is a frequent contributor to various financial publications and is the author of The Chicago Financial Planner personal finance blog.

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How Much Money Does It Take To Retire?

This is a question that almost everyone will ask at some point in their life. The reality is that the answer is different for everyone. We are bombarded daily with reminders that we aren’t saving enough or need to do more. At times, the numbers can seem overwhelming. Daniel Zajac is a Certified Financial Planner™ and author of Finance and Flip Flops. In this article, Dan does a great job breaking down the numbers and putting this question into perspective.

My Favorite Books on Personal Finance

Up Your Investment Game

Most of us try to improve in nearly all things we do. But there are some things that are a constant struggle. Finance and investing are common areas where we seem to be our own worst critics. This can result in giving up hope that you can ever improve. Russ Thornton is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst and author of Wealthcare For Women. In this article, Russ discusses the importance of avoiding unforced errors when managing our finances and making investing decisions.

Social Security Earnings Limit & Working In Retirement

Retirement planning and personal finance in general have their share of confusing subjects. The Social Security Earnings Limit is right near the top of the list of retirement planning subjects that can befuddle even the most seasoned advisor. Devin Carroll is an independent investment advisor specializing in all things Social Security at the Social Security Intelligence blog. This article demystifies the confusing subject of receiving benefits while working in retirement.

I hope you enjoy the reading! While you’re on these sites, be sure and check out their other articles.

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    Thanks for including me in your June roundup, David.

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