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Inflation Chart 2022

Inflation – Why Is The Market Freaking Out?

Inflation and other events are impacting the financial markets resulting in increased volatility. I’ve heard it said that “history doesn’t repeat itself, but it rhymes.” If you look back at significant world events and their impact on financial markets, you will see wars, pandemics, natural disasters, and financial crises. What is going on today isn’t […]

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Bitcoin - Should You Get In?

Bitcoin – Should You Get In?

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are receiving significant attention lately. I’ve noticed an increase in emails and calls from clients about this subject. Below is a summary of the key issues related to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Firstly, I’ll provide background information. After that, we’ll address whether you should get in. What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is one of […]

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Mutual Fund Share Classes - How They Work

Mutual Fund Share Classes – How They Work

Mutual fund share classes can often be confusing for investors looking to save for retirement. Understanding how they work is key to making smart investing decisions. If you’re socking money away in a retirement account, the odds are you’re investing in mutual funds. Mutual funds allow investors to pool their money together and receive professional […]

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Mutual Funds - What You Need To Know

Mutual Funds – What You Need To Know

If you have a work place retirement account, you are likely investing in mutual funds. While other investment vehicles like exchange traded funds (ETFs) have grown in popularity, mutual funds haven’t been replaced. At least not yet. Here’s what you need to know. What are mutual funds? Mutual funds are companies that pool money from investors. […]

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